Pre-order the new and innovative HIP 4Family

Pre-orders are now open for the new and innovative HIP 4Family motorhome, the most spacious and exclusive motorhome on the market. The pre-orders are open to enthusiastic European customers who are ready to provide proactive feedback about their experiences with the vehicle during their camping and travels.

This is an exclusive, one-time offer, limited to the first 20 motorhomes!

As part of the offer, early customers will receive:

  • The motorhome, as described on the HIP 4Family webpage (please, note that some items on this page are optional).
  • A made-to-order HIP 4Family motorhome with the option to customize the interior fabrics and upholstery together with our interior designers (adding leather is subject to additional charges).
  • Additional options, as ordered by the customer (subject to additional charges).
  • Direct involvement in the development in the motorhome and regular status updates.
  • Motorhome delivery to the customer door (subject to additional delivery charges).
  • Service assistance with quick turnaround in case of a problem in the first year of usage, which is a result of the motorhome manufacturing process (i.e. if it is not related to other manufacturers’ warrantied items).
  • Exclusive access to the HIP Campers team for direct face-to-face feedback.
  • The following warranties:
    • As provided by Mercedes-Benz;
    • As provided by AL-KO;
    • As provided by the appliance, table and bed manufacturers;
    • 5 years against external water penetration;
    • 2 years for interior furniture craftsmanship.

Because of the highly tailored nature of this offer, at least 90% down payment is required. 

The current waiting time is: 9 months.

Remaining motorhomes to be sold as part of the offer: 19.

The first HIP 4Family prototype is currently being manufactured, which will be followed by another prototype. The first two prototypes are for internal testing only and are not for sale. Fulfillment of first customer orders will start around May 2024.

Pre-order HIP 4Family

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